Sunday, April 27, 2008

April 26


Something that's been creeping around in my mind, scratching at the walls, waiting to get out..

This is me. I, the beholder of the eye beholding all beauty within and without. Sometimes I look at something or someone and stand wondering if they behold me the same way I do them. Maybe-- no, PROBABLY not. Sidewaysupsidedownspinningandconfusingallthatishellnowthrowingupwaxonwaxoffsidetosideandstillspinningandspinningaroundandaroundandaround.
Tumbling like the whites in the dryer. The cracks in the bedsheets like pervading lines of elegant, pristine beauty mark wisdom in the faces of the elderly. Look up, the tiled floor sighing and smiling and shining happily the cracks on the ceiling. The silver and dull gray, the exhaling breath outwards all misty and foggy.

It's cold out I know, and still I feel for those I don't
now I'm kinda hoping this message doesn't get through because
because a lie is just a truth you can't maybe
a wish is just a dream is just a future you just can't make-do
a lie is just a truth you can't prove.

(Select this whole text and paste it into word or notepad or something. The 'sidewaysupsidedown.." part where I didn't use spaces got cut off. And I liked that part.

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